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MyShop provides a stable, modern and user-friendly interface with various options which makes it suitable for a variety of businesses such as Shops, Supermarkets & F&B Outlets/Restaurants/Coffee-Shops. Below are some of the features :

-Wireless Ordering through Tablet, Mobile or IPAD.
-Wireless & ONLINE Menu.
-Master Price/Cost/Discount/Tax update for fast updating of values. Values can be changed based on market changes and/or fluctuating currency rates (e.g. USD exchange rates).
– Ingredients/Stock Cost-control counter check with Sales & Expenses.
-Touch screen support.
-Satellite Module for Back-of-house Order display and closing.

-Barcode Scan support for supermarkets and retail shops.
-QR Code for menu and automatic update of menus.
-QR Code menu access for Wireless Vendors.
-Monthly/daily reports with cashier daily calculation.
-Tax & Discount support.
-Report Charts.
-Table Layout Support (For F&B Shops).
-Grocery system support (vegetables, fruits… By kg and/or unit).
-Online notification for any activity on the system.
-User-Friendly & Simple interface.
-Immediate 24/7 Support.
-Loyalty program system.
-Clients Repertory system.

WIFI Module For Ordering Wirelessly

Give your vendors the flexibility to roam around the shop and make orders wirelessly without the hassle of going back to the main POS unit for each order.

A customized menu with tables, items, categories and tables layout is available for Vendors roaming around in the shop.

There’s no more waste of time or crowded attendance at the main P.O.S Unit.

Back Of House / Kitchen Module For Orders

Do you have a separate kitchen or back of house ?

No Problem !

With The Satellite module you can receive all orders instantaneously in the kitchen and check what is ready and what is not.
A messaging system also enables you to message the kitchen with important notes or updates.

Visual Tables For Easy Table Selection

A dashing visual layout for tables/areas selections.

Tables can be selected and edited visually and quickly.

You can also edit the reservations, add notes and select which table to be active on the main Vendor Sales menu.

The background can be customized as well as the tables’ icons and sizes.

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Head Office
Lebanon – Beirut – Achrafiyeh

Request a quotation, apply for a marketing proposal or Ask For a Demo on :

E-Mail :
Tel/WhatsApp : 00961-76699505

MyShop uses Barcode2Win which provides a fast and reliable Barcode/QRcode to PC scanning engine.